Community Health

Preventative Health, Family Nutrition, Sanitation, Health Education & Training

Visual Health

Surgery, Treatment of Multiple Eye Conditions, and Distribution of Corrective Glasses

Early Childhood Education

Quality Education, Home Visits, and Nutrition for Preschool Children


The Rural Microcredit Program, and Urban Micro-Enterprise

Ways to Give

Help us empower the people of El Salvador.

We welcome skilled volunteers, donations of supplies and livestock, and financial contributions.

Ways to Give

About Us

Working Within the Community
ASAPROSAR is dedicated to empowering the poor. We listen to each community’s needs, identify leaders, and train these leaders in the areas of health, nutrition, family planning, child development, the environment and sustainable agriculture. The leaders then educate their communities. We strive for an integrated health approach that ranges from eye care to nutrition to animal husbandry.

The mission of ASAPROSAR is to “Improve the quality of life for the neediest families of El Salvador through integration and linking of programs to meet the fundamental needs of sanitation, environment, education, culture, economics and health. Priority is given to children, youth and women of the rural areas and marginalized urban settings.”

Why Gold?
140,000 and Counting

Success Stories

2 03, 2015

ASAPROSAR Language and Culture School

Spanish Language, Culture and Service Program

July 11- July 25, 2015

Intensive Spanish classes for beginning and intermediate speakers
Immersion into Salvadoran community organization serving marginalized children […]

25 06, 2014

What About Marvin?

The story of Marvin Medina Ramos, By Eloise Clawson

As a shy ten year old Marvin Medina Ramos started attending the Barefoot Angels’ program in the […]

10 05, 2014

My Life Has Changed: Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Murcia, 11 years old
Metapán, Santa Ana

Since I was born, had problems, I went to see a doctor and he diagnosed me congenital cataracts, […]