Community Health

Preventative Health, Family Nutrition, Sanitation, Health Education & Training

Visual Health

Surgery, Treatment of Multiple Eye Conditions, and Distribution of Corrective Glasses

Early Childhood Education

Quality Education, Home Visits, and Nutrition for Preschool Children


The Rural Microcredit Program, and Urban Micro-Enterprise

Ways to Give

Help us empower the people of El Salvador.

We welcome skilled volunteers, donations of supplies and livestock, and financial contributions.
Ways to Give

About Us

ASAPROSAR is dedicated to empowering the poor. We listen to each community’s needs, identify leaders, and train these leaders in the areas of health, nutrition, family planning, child development, the environment and sustainable agriculture. The leaders then educate their communities. We strive for an integrated health approach that ranges from eye care to nutrition to animal husbandry.

The mission of ASAPROSAR is to “Improve the quality of life for the neediest families of El Salvador through integration and linking of programs to meet the fundamental needs of sanitation, environment, education, culture, economics and health. Priority is given to children, youth and women of the rural areas and marginalized urban settings.”

When visiting ASAPROSAR or viewing photos of staff and volunteers you will notice a lot of gold shirts… why gold?

The gold shirt came to symbolize ASAPROSAR during the Salvadoran civil war. Dr. Vicky Guzman was meeting with leaders from the warring left and right. Dr. Vicky explained to the group that her workers in the rural villages were being interfered with, threatened and sometimes harmed. Dr. Vicky explained that she and her workers were helping the neediest Salvadorans regardless of which side they were on and she needed to insure their safety. Both sides agreed to honor a color identification that represented her group and their work but the color could not be one of any of the political parties in the country. A gold/bright yellow color was chosen so that they could clearly be identified in the jungle and hills of western El Salvador.

Even today when volunteers arrive at the ASAPROSAR office to participate in a work trip they are given a gold shirt. The color represents hope and is a testament to those who fought through the war without bearing arms.

Today ASAPROSAR’s programs serve more than 140,000 people in western El Salvador, many of whom are living on the margins of society in extreme poverty. ASAPROSAR incorporates health and well-being into all areas of its six programs with a holistic approach to development.

Success Stories

3108, 2016

Join Dr. Vicky and Lucy Luna for an Evening of Music, Inspiration and Fun!

SAVE THE DATE!! On Thursday, October 13 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM at Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA, the ASAPROSAR Development Fund will host a [...]

606, 2016

Remembering Gerry Donovan

Gerry Donovan was a long time member of the ASAPROSAR Development Fund board and a frequent traveler to ASAPROSAR. Those of us who were lucky enough [...]

203, 2015

ASAPROSAR Language and Culture School

Spanish Language, Culture and Service Program July 11- July 25, 2015 Intensive Spanish classes for beginning and intermediate speakers Immersion into Salvadoran community organization serving marginalized [...]