Sustainable Agriculture Program

El Salvador currently has the second highest level of ecological degradation in Latin America. About 80% of the territory is affected by soil erosion, caused by traditional farming methods and the progressive destruction of the country’s natural forests.

To reverse these trends, ASAPROSAR teaches farmers how to prevent soil erosion and use organic fertilizers and pesticides. The farmers then plant model parcels to show other farmers the effectiveness of the methods.

Because malnutrition is rampant in many rural areas, ASAPROSAR encourages the farmers to grow nutritious crops, such as soybeans, fruit trees and tomatoes. Their families learn how to plant vegetable gardens. ASAPROSAR-trained nutritionists give classes for the mothers, with topics such as how to prepare delicious dishes from soybeans.

Heifer International worked with ASAPROSAR in a 5 year partnership, providing training and the original goats, rabbits, chickens and bees to enhance the sustainable agriculture program. This program continues through Heifer’s “passing on the gift” model as the recipient families give some of the offspring to other families in their community. Milk from the goats, eggs from the hens, meat from the rabbits and honey from the bees provide desperately needed nutrition to these families.

ASAPROSAR also works with school children to organize environmental education projects in their schools, such as water purification.

We hope you will help ASAPROSAR expand this program by providing a gift. $150 purchases a female goat, $15 a bee hive, $35 a flock of chickens or two rabbits. For more information click here.

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