Spanish Language Immersion Course

In cooperation with El Salvador’s Salvadoran Association for Rural Health (ASAPROSAR)
Coordinator: Professor Robert McAndrews, PhD,Social Science; J.D., International Law

Course Description: This study/travel course will provide students with experiential learning opportunities in three areas: Spanish language immersion, culture, and service. This three-week program will include language immersion classes for four hours each morning, with an emphasis on conversational practice, and cultural and service opportunities in the afternoons. This course is appropriate for students who currently possess advanced beginner or intermediate competency levels in Spanish language.

While in El Salvador the group will be hosted by a Salvadoran non-governmental, community health organization, the Salvadoran Association for Rural Health (the acronym in Spanish is ASAPROSAR), based in the city of Santa Ana. Prior to the trip, the group will be prepared through two required seminars. Course readings will be assigned concerning issues related to poverty, rural development, child and family health and social development, community organization, mental health and education, and perspectives on human rights and social justice. Students will have an opportunity to visit the various health and community development projects sponsored by ASAPROSAR, as well as visits to human rights organizations and war memorials. There will be daily meetings of the group to process members’ experiences.

All inclusive ESTIMATED cost: $2500, which covers:

  • Airfare
  • Board and Room
  • Language classes
  • All in –country transportation costs
  • Gratuities
  • Admission to Cultural attractions

Required Orientation Dates: TBD. Full participation in all pre-trip meetings is required.

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