Barefoot Angels

“Barefoot Angels” targets young people 7-18 years old who work in the central market in Santa Ana, El Salvador’s second largest city, and in extremely hazardous conditions at garbage dumps in the area. The program is one of the few alternatives to the city’s gangs.

Among the aims of “Barefoot Angels”—“Angeles Descalzos” in Spanish—are school drop-out prevention and child labor eradication. To make up for the lost income from their child’s labor, the parents are offered participation in ASAPROSAR’s microcredit program. They are encouraged to send their children to school—which is half-day due to overcrowding—and to the “Barefoot Angels” program the other half day.

The program provides tutoring, computer and English classes, dance, theater, sports, and health and sex education. There is a library for the youth, a nutritious snack served each day, and psychological services and referrals.

“Barefoot Angels” emphasizes leadership development, and the most outstanding of the youth are offered jobs with the program.  Please consider making a monthly donation to buy school supplies and support a Barefoot Angel:

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