Visual Health: Promotion and Prevention

Visual Health Clinics

Our Visual Health Clinics in Santa Ana and San Miguel offer many visual health services, including:

  • Optometry and Optical Services – This includes diagnosis and treatment of the different refractive services, like providing eye glasses to the users with visual problems corrected by glasses.
  • Ophthalmology and Surgery Services – We provide Ophthalmology, diagnostic tests, such as ultrasound eye, retinal angiography, campimetries y biometrics; YAG laser treatment and Phanfotos.  Our Ophthalmologists team provides surgical care in response to patients who need cataract surgery, Pterigion, oculoplastic and retinal. We have three complete surgery rooms and Phaco LEGACY equipment.
  • Primary Eye Care (PEC) – Aimed at training community leaders and other social actors in the early detection of eye diseases, timely referral, and educational activities for diseases’ prevention.
  • Care of Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients -This component of our visual health program is focused the early detection of Mellitus Diabetic and Arterial Hypertension through integrated activities in all PROSAVI’s programs.

Mobile clinics

ASAPROSAR also has a mobile eye care unit that travels all over the country, a project that offers eye exams, reading glasses and follow up care at affordable prices. ASAPROSAR also offers a visual health program in schools in low-income area schools. It also provides support to companies with social responsibility for their employees and nearby communities.

Ophthalmologic campaigns with international missions

Since 1987 ASAPROSAR has performed Eye Campaigns with doctors of international missions and we owe much of our growth to these relationships and support. Most campaigns take place in January, May and October, with the support of Friends of ASAPROSAR from Boston Mass., MTI from Oregon and VOSH International among others organizations that are joining this effort. In these are performed cataracts surgeries, corneas transplants, strabismus and also providing glasses to who may require them.

Friends of ASAPROSAR (FoA) of Hingham, Massachusetts, has been an intregal part of the ASAPROSAR eye clinic since 1989 when the group began sending teams to El Salvador to preform eye exams and surgeries. Through the years FoA has provided equipment and glasses for the neediest Salvadorans served by the eye clinic. The Vicky Guzmán Clinic now has several operating rooms and a computerized inventory of 10,000 used glasses. For hard-to-find prescriptions, ASAPROSAR grinds its own lenses.  Benevolent Missions International (BMI) of Houston, Texas, built ASAPROSAR’s first eye clinic in Santa Ana in 1997.

Learn more about Friends of ASAPROSAR


The Richmond Eyeglass Inventory Matching System (REIMS) was created specially for the ASAPROSAR Visual Health Program: Download the Manual (PDF) and the full program (Zip File).

REIMS (Español):

El Sistema de Correlación de Inventario Richmond de Anteojos ( REIMS ) fue creado especialmente para el Programa de Salud Visual ASAPROSAR :