Success Stories - Juan Carlos Juan Carlos Murcia, 11 years old
Metapán, Santa Ana

Since I was born, had problems, I went to see a doctor and he diagnosed me congenital cataracts, because of the economical situation of my parents, they never search for help in any Hospital and I grew up just like my older brother.

I come from a poor family, in my house are more than 10 people living, my dad, mom and brothers, my dad is the only one who works in a milk factory and my mom has never work earning a salary she just has been dedicated to take care of us and cook for us. The house is very humble and has a little wooden and rope beds, a few plastic chairs and others humble things.

One day I was chosen from a group of organized people that search for solutions to a different problems for scarce resources people like us and they coordinated with ASAPROSAR Eye clinic so through them I get my eye surgery without paying a dime and thank God they did my left eye and now I can see. I’m very happy because I’ll be going to a regular school were kids without physical problems goes, before I used to go to a special school. My life has changed and now I can do activities that I couldn’t done before.

Success Stories - Juan Carlos